About Us

Gridiron Labs is a Los Angeles based design studio founded by seasoned Creative Director, Dane Storrusten. We build supercharged brand ID systems and interactive experiences that excite, elevate, and empower sports franchises and action sports brands.
What We Do
Gridiron Labs is not a one-size-fits-all, commercial brand firm. We're sports fanatics and world-class designers. We play one position, and we play it very well by choosing to focus our capabilities, time, research, love, and passion into sports & entertainment.
Gridiron Labs provides these industries with targeted brand strategy & identity design. Every brand we build has a passionate story lighting the fire beneath it.
Gridiron Labs is all about homework, studying history, and keeping a relentless pulse on future trends. We know how to work with complex organizations, influence, and help gain consensus. We build brands that WORK in the wild. Every identity system we put in the game has been stress tested on every application; from 3D digital environments, to tackle twill graphics on a uniform, to chalk on the field.
Our Roots
Our story is simple. We build the brands we've always wanted to see growing up. We're entrepreneurs, artists, designers, and makers. We make ourselves a part of every project by living and breathing it. We choose Los Angeles because of it's rich sports & entertainment roots, as well as its ever-changing landscape of innovation and flavor.
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