Ellsworth Bikes

Ellsworth Handcrafted Cycles is the grand daddy of independent mountain bike brands, founded by Tony Ellsworth. Recreating a new brand ID to help pull the company from it’s own ashes, was no simple design problem. The goal was not to completely reinvent a 25 year old brand from scratch, but rather respect it’s past and evolve a brand (who’s perception had seen better days) into something that could compete in today’s progressive MTB market. To build a brand ID that represents the birth of new promises. Promises that can’t be made from any other MTB brand, large or small. For Ellsworth that meant manufacturing in the United States, focusing on the ‘perfect ride’ with their reborn center-tracking technology, offering world-class customer service, and providing an Ironclad lifetime guarantee on their carbon and aluminum frames. The solution was to transition Ellsworth’s existing ID from a relic brand that echoed a faint and distant cry from the glory days, to a competitive, genuine, rebellious, all-American brand that with a bright future. The brand ID played out across all collateral materials, marketing materials, product styling, apparel, equipment, and accessories.

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