Reinventing a Pioneer
The grand daddy of indie MTB brands that’s been turning dirt into butter since 1991.
Working with founder Tony Ellsworth and renowned industry icon, Tony Karklins, there came a conclusion that the once daring Ellsworth brand had lost it's path and was in desperate need of remedy. For Ellsworth, this meant manufacturing in the United States, focusing on the ‘perfect ride’ with their reborn center-tracking technology, offering world-class customer service, and providing an Ironclad lifetime guarantee on their carbon and aluminum frames.

The solution was to transition Ellsworth’s existing ID from a relic brand that echoed a faint and distant cry from the glory days, to a competitive, genuine, rebellious, all-American brand that with a bright future. The brand ID played out across all collateral materials, marketing materials, product styling, apparel, equipment, and accessories.

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